The Secret of My Succe$s (1987)


Original plot
Yuppie-to-be from Nebraska has to climb his way to the top of corporate New York by, of course, assuming a new identity.

Big thoughts
I love this movie. It’s in my Top 10 for the 80s. It’s fun, and MJF is killer. But how did I not remember it had two (2!) ejaculation references? And two (2!) instances of Oh Yeah?

Obligatory bus anecdote
A bus really shouldn’t be 5 minutes early. Early’s way worse than late, right? Especially when it forces me to hustle up and make it so I don’t stand outside in -2 weather for 15 more minutes.

Pertinent GIF

The Random Remake
New Ivy League grad Bethany Foster (Emma Stone) wants to take the political world by storm. After all, she just got a degree, so of course the world is waiting on her ideas. She leaves her family’s farm in Nebraska to work for her uncle, U.S. Congressman Howard Prescott (Jeffrey Tambor). Under the impression she’s going to be a big-wig for him, she gets deflated when he tells her he’s been “primary”-ed – that his party is looking to run someone against him in the hopes of getting someone they can control. As a favor to a third niece twice removed, he gets Bethany a job in the Capitol’s mailroom. But the mail gig allows Bethany to get up to speed on the insider dealings with the upcoming race and she starts to concoct a plan to make Prescott’s home district on his side and turn on the straw candidate. Under the cover of Courtney Whitfield – super consultant – she draws the attention of Prescott’s district aide Christopher Wills (Zachary Quinto), who doesn’t know Bethany’s dual identity. With the help of Prescott’s long-suffering wife Vera (Diane Keaton), Bethany/Courtney and Christopher whip the district up in a frenzy with new policy ideas and campaign tricks, winning the race for Prescott on their own terms and sticking it to the Majority Whip.

The pitch
The Secret of My Success: Pop the campaign; this party’s just getting started!



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