The Apartment (1960)

The Apartment US Half Sheet Linen-backed

Original plot
Oh, your classic mad-cap romp of extramarital affairs, suicide attempts, and workplace favoritism.

Big thoughts
You know, Fred MacMurray kinda steals this movie. So slimy that it totally works.

Obligatory bus anecdote
Some dude straight-up fell into my while I’m watching. Just started rolling toward me and then BOOM he’s in my lap. Hold on to yourself!

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The Random Remake
Baxter (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) lives off campus at a large liberal-arts college. Thanks to his parents’ largess, his swank apartment isn’t only utilized by co-eds for keggers – his professors have taken to using the place for secret rendezvous with the student bodies. While annoyed of having to lend out his place and kill time in his friends’ dorms, Baxter’s GPA is noticeably benefitting from this arrangement. That is until he finds out his crush from Econ 207 is also hooking up with their prof in his apartment! Does he keep his mouth shut and his grades up, or does he go for the girl and the fail?

The Pitch
The Apartment: There’s always room for love