Female (1933)


Original plot
High-powered businesswoman Ruth Chatterton mans the boardroom of an automobile company by day and runs men through her bedroom at night. Until(!) she meets the man who can tame her. (Shrug) (Sigh)

Big thoughts
This, along with Three on a Match, were on a DVD labeled “Forbidden Hollywood.” And rightfully so – there’s no hiding the take-charge main character and the men she preys on. And then, just like that, she dumps it all for a “primitive” man. Literally, so she can have babies. Nine of them. Oh and that title, tho.

Obligatory bus anecdote
I’ve taken to getting up well before my stop so the driver sees someone is wanting to get off. Twice now they’ve driven right past my building. And I’ve pulled the cord and everything.

Pertinent GIF


The Random Remake
Alison Drake (Rachel McAdams) has successfully taken the role of No. 2 under her inventor father of a new electric vehicle company taking the company by storm and shaking the core of the automobile industry. But with the sudden death of her father, all pressure is on her to make sure the business that bears her name, which employs thousands of people, stays on track. With no time for love, Alison has mini hook-ups, looking for those around her she can manipulate and dupe into serving her nighttime needs. That is until she meets Jim Thorne (Anthony Mackie), a hotshot fuel cell whiz the company poached from Toyota. Falling in love with Jim means breaking the pattern Alison has set and challenging her priorities. Will it be Jim or the business or both? Can she have it all?

The pitch
Driven: What fuels your desires?



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