The Shop Around the Corner (1940)

Original plot
Two coworkers antagonize each other without realizing they are each other’s pen-pal fantasy.

Big thoughts
Goddamn Jimmy Stewart kills everything he’s in. I have him tied at No. 2 with Cary Grant as the best actors of all time (Bogie’s 1, natch).

Obligatory bus anecdote
I got on the bus with a coworker and she was just, straight up, like “Oh, I don’t have a pass.” Not an offer of $2 cash for the fare, not a white lie of losing the card, just like “I’m not gonna pay this.” And the driver was totally cool with it.

Pertinent GIF

The Random Remake
Well, how can I say this: You’ve Got Mail beat me to it by 17 years, so… that means it’s totally time for another remake!

Clara (Amanda Peet) gets work at a new start-up sometime in the near future. She’s assigned to product test a new social network. The world is closing in on virtual reality, and a new firm is working out the kinks for a new system of interacting online with friends. Clara and her bothersome coworker Fred (Alex Karpovsky), both Psychological Engineers, are working on the system to implement human behavioral patterns in the code. Clara and Fred obviously don’t see eye-to-eye on work habits, lifestyle, or anything else for that matter. They both get assigned a test subject from their boss to work through their code, and both happen to fall in love with the avatars – not realizing they chose the only other online profile available, each other.

The pitch
The Shop: Too close to really see each other


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